Napoleon PRESTIGE® 500 Gas Grill, NG


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VERSATILE GRILLING for every delicious occasion

Not just a grill. The Napoleon Prestige® Series 500 Gas Grill is THE grill.  With 500 square inches of grilling area, and a generous 9 inch deep, warming rack.

Grilling up a delicious dinner for a crowd is easy with the stainless steel Napoleon Prestige® Series 500 Gas Grill. Grill up to thirty burgers at once.  Five hundred square inches of grilling area, plus another two hundred and sixty with the addition of the generous warming rack.  You’ll know it’s a Napoleon with the iconic WAVE™ cooking grids for those distinctive sear marks.  Not just durable on the outside; under the lid, the same quality stainless steel is used for the cooking grids, tube burners, sear plates, and basin.  The dual-layered, LIFT EASE™ roll top lid provides superior heat retention, allowing you to sear, bake, roast, smoke, and even turn your grill into a charcoal BBQ with the optional Cast Iron Charcoal Tray.  This compact grill features folding side shelves and interior cabinet storage inside the minimalist pedestal base.  Complete your outdoor living space with the gas grill that can do it all.

LIFT EASE™ roll top lid features center-gravity technology for easy lifting and space saving benefits by not extending beyond the back of the grill
• Premium stainless steel folding side shelves with integrated beverage holders and tool hooks
• Both side shelves fold down for storage and feature optional locking screws
• Heavy gauge, long lasting stainless steel tube burners with crossover lighting
• Reinforced door handles double as towel holders

  • 48,000 BTU’s
  • 4 Burners
  • 760 in² Total Cooking Area
  • Premium Stainless Steel Construction